Two random projects and how ribbon saved them both

As is normally the case, whenever we find ourselves in the thick of an insanely busy stretch, I have this crazy urge to heap a home project or two (or three) on top of our already hefty to-do list.  (Sorry, honey!)  This time around, in the midst of our Zulilly event, out of town guests, mission week at church, and all our normal "stuff", I decided that we must  tackle : a guest bathroom re-do, planting a hedge, and recovering our new living room chairs:

For some reason (maybe it was the pressure-induced frenzy) I found these chairs a bit difficult to cover.  Something about the way that the legs cut into the seat made fitting the fabric a little....messy.  Thank goodness for ribbon.  Though I wasn't originally intending to add ribbon trim, it worked beautifully to cover up some less-than-perfect upholstery.  And I kinda like how it turned out.  

Ribbon also did wonders for my shower curtain-turned-roman shade for the guest bathroom.  I have plans for the rest of the fabric, so I ended up cutting the shade just a hair too short.  Once again, a little ribbon added to the bottom, and problem solved:
I'll have to share the rest of the room soon.  (Once it's finished!)

On a completely unrelated note, all of our Zulily prints are shipped, and I once again have my dining room back!  It's so nice to be able to see the table again.
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