Hi, my name is Britt, and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

Pinterest is amazing.  Brilliant.  Full of wonderful, beautiful ideas.  But Pinterest, it would seem, does have its pitfalls.  Case in point: We're currently redoing our guest bathroom.  Nothing major, just a few very minor changes to spruce up a previously untouched space.  I decided that we needed some sort of shower curtain (other than the white plastic one we had hanging), and decided to go to Pinterest for some inspiration.  This is where my world was rocked.  Shower curtains were never very important to me.  In fact, I had always either found a cheap-o one at Ross, or had used an extra curtain (shower or otherwise) or two I had lying around.  Pick up a few simple shower curtain rings, hang it, and done.
My pre-Pinterest notion of what a shower curtain was. 
But in searching Pinterest for shower curtains, the myriad of options overwhelmed and excited me.  Ruffled ones, flowered ones, paint-you-own ones, grommeted, ombre, ikat........Suddenly something that didn't matter all that much to me, and that had been purely functional in my mind, something that I would have casually picked up at the store without much thought was now a decision.  With options.  Oh, pinterest.  I love to hate you.    
My current Pinterest-induced shower curtain fixation is this:

Split-curtained with a valance or cornice.  I love how it looks very un-shower curtain-ish.  More like a window dressing.

My rendering of the concept: 
Thankfully, the project* itself didn't take too much time.  Unlike the pre-project Pinteresting.  I don't have a problem.  I can quit anytime.**
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*Step-by-step project post coming soon.
**I really am trying to cut back, but am horrified by my weakness.  Cold turkey, maybe?