Gus and Lula go to school.....Eeek!

I cannot believe that my sweet babies are all grown up and are now backpack-toting school-goers.....kind of.
It's all fairly new, but one day a week from 9 to noon, one of the babies now goes to a local church pre-school.  They learn to play with other kids and gain a little independence, while the other one gets some much-needed one-on-one bonding time with Mama.  The next week we switch, and the other one goes off to "school".

Ready to go with their backpacks (handmade Christmas gifts from my talented sister).

I am so excited for the sweet time I get to spend alone with them.  They're always together, which is wonderful and fun, but it's so good to interact with them one-on-one and be able to give them my undivided attention.  We're only two weeks in, but we've had so much fun getting to spend quality time together.  Gus and I spent most of our time together feeding ducks at the park and reading books at the library - one of his very favorite things to do.  Lula and I played at the park (she is all energy!) and paid a visit to my mom and sister-in-law (some of her favorite people).

I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this, as the one-on-one time is so good for us, and I hope that they will feel even more loved and valued through it.  The time spent at school is also really good for helping them gain some independence and learning to get along without each other -- even if it is a little hard on this mama's heart to drop them off :) 
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