5 Random things I'm digging lately

Sorry for the random list.  We've got a busy week ahead with out-of-town guests coming next weekend (which means it's project time around here) and we've got a major event going (I'll fill you in later this week).  All that to say : sorry for the brain dump.  Hope you find it useful!  

1. This hardware.  Erika pinned it a few days ago, and if Erika likes it, it must be good.  But seriously, the lines, the finish, the price -- all amazing.

2. Downton Abbey.  I'm so glad we watched this show as it aired, or there's no way I would have been able to cut it off between episodes.  Seasons 1 is available on netflix and season 2 is on PBS now.  Watch it! 

3. This fabric.  Doesn't it look a little....familiar?  Imperial trellis lookalike for just $8.98 a yard!

4. Maxi skirts.  I love how flowy, cool, and modest these are.  I found a fuchsia chiffon maxi at Old Navy last week on sale for way less than the Anthro one above.  It's disappeared from their site, but might still be available in stores......

5. Lost Type Co-Op.  This site has amazing fonts (my fav., Nelma, is above).  Described as a "Pay-What-You-Want type foundry", Lost Type offers the fonts of designers from around the world for whatever price you'd like to pay.  (Please do pay something as these fonts are gorgeous and definitely worth it!)

Now off to work!  Have a great Monday! 
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