What's Happening

These past two weeks have been a blur - I kept meaning to post, but this little thing called life kept getting in the way.  Here's what's happening:

*Gus went in for a little procedure last week.  Nothing major, but I was still a little nervous about it.  We're so thankful that he did very well and that he's almost completely recovered.

*I've added a few new prints to the shop, like this one that's perfect for a nursery:
(The gray and yellow option is here.)

*Keith took me on an ice skating date last week.  It was so much fun and pretty romantic, too.  :)
If you're in the Atlanta area, this makes a great date night.

*This was one of my Christmas gifts, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

If you're a mama of little ones, it's very easy to lose perspective sometimes.  This was exactly what I needed to hear as the babies were going through a rough patch.  Highly recommend!

*My newest craiglist find:
A set of 4 chairs, stashed in our room right now, but waiting to be recovered and moved into the living room.  ($80 for all 4!)
I love this look.....

*Another of my Christmas gifts from Keith, these little fiddle leaf figs are still alive nearly two months later -- a major feat for me!

*I recently decided to start tracking what I eat and was shocked and appalled to find out I was eating nearly 2,500 calories a day!  I had no idea.  Needless to say, I'm planning to continue tracking and maybe cut back on the chocolate a bit.  This is a great site for easily keeping track of what you eat.  

*I've also been trying to eat healthier, and these have been satisfying my sweet tooth:

*We swallowed our pride and bought a new (to us) minivan.  While it's definitely not my dream car (and it's not nearly as sweet as my first ride), we're very blessed to have it.
I'm a minivan mom now.
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