Good mommy hair

I realize that the term "Mommy hair" generally conjures up images of 'dos like this one, or maybe a messy, unkempt ponytail (nowhere near as stylish as this one):

I am beyond thankful that in my first months as a new mom I suppressed the urge to run to my hair stylist and beg for a pageboy cut.  Somehow I made it through months of unwashed, unstyled hair before I discovered a few secrets to having good mommy hair:

*If you consistently go three days between washing, your hair will adjust.  I slowly built up to five days between washes, which sounds really gross, but I'm not running any marathons or digging in the dirt on a regular basis, and my hair is just as clean on day 4 as it used to be on day 2.

*I dry and straighten my hair right after washing.  Then I'm good for the next five days.  A huge time saver.  

*I wash my bangs more often than the rest of my hair.  They sit against my face, so they tend to get oily faster, and it's pretty quick to wash them in the sink once or twice a week.

*I start out wearing my hair down, then gradually move to a half-up 'do, then a ponytail (see above photo), then a bun by the end of the week.

*Which brings me to my two favorite "tools" for good "Day 5 hair":
*Dry shampoo has been around for a while, but it always seemed like it was only available in more expensive brands.  Suave recently came out with their own, which I think works fabulously.  It's wonderful for getting rid of oily hair by day 4 or 5.  

*The sock bun.  Oh, how I love my sock bun.  You can buy a donut (normally at dance supply companies) or you can just make one out of a sock.  How-to here.    

*As an added bonus, the sock bun leaves some pretty amazing curls behind: 
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