Cousins Weekend

One 3 year-old + one 2 year-old + two 1 year-olds = insanity.  Fun, crazy, busy, tiring, awesome insanity.
This past weekend we celebrated our first ever (hopefully soon-to-be monthly) Cousins Weekend.  We had so much fun with these sweet girls and loved seeing them interact with Gus and Lula.  On Saturday we loaded up the (borrowed) minivan and headed to Callaway Gardens.  (If you're in the area, admission is free through the end of February.)  The big hit was the butterfly house:
 The girls wanted so badly for a butterfly to land on their fingers.  
 They settled for catching lady bugs and feeding fish instead.  
Then we headed over to Taste of Lemon in Lagrange for lunch.  It's a sweet restaurant run by two little ladies in an old church building with some seriously yummy southern food.  Again, if you're anywhere nearby, I would highly recommend it!
They were very accommodating of our party of eight (four of which were kids).  

We had a fantastic, exhausting, fun first-ever cousins week, with many more to come.  (Next time it's our turn to get a little kid-free time while my sister and brother-in-law take the kids :)
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