What's Happening

We've been busy, busy, busy around here lately.  Here's what's happening:
*After a little fun in the ocean over Christmas, Gus has decided that he's OK with the bathtub.

He either loves the bath or hates it.  You can see how intense he is about loving it -- he's just as intense when he hates it.

*I started my new calendar and am loving it.  Who wouldn't want to look back on January 14, 2012 in 20 years and read: "The babies learned to eat with a spoon!"
By the way, thanks to Matilda Joyce for letting me know about the cute ceramic farmers market baskets at Anthro.  I love mine!

*I'm working on some new pillows for the living room.  These two are finished:
And I've got several more planned, like the huge bolster I'm hoping to make out of this fabric:
It's just folded across the sofa here - I haven't sewn the cover or stuffed it yet.

*The babies had a checkup last week and their growth has amazed me again:
Gus's report is on the left, Lula's on the right.  In case you can't see it, they're both right around the same measurements for everything.  Both are right around the 25th percentile for weight, 70th for height, and 30th for head circumference.  We are thrilled that they are so healthy!

*I have a few new art prints listed in the shop:
A quote by Martin Luther that I find very inspiring and convicting.
And a verse from Hebrews that means a lot to me.

I'm working on a few Valentine's Day prints as well and hope to have them listed soon!

*I love those "What I Wore" posts by other bloggers (or whole blogs like this one).  Unfortunately, I'm pretty boring when it comes to dressing myself.  I do have fun dressing the babies, though.  I may have to post their cute little outfits more often.....
Like this one from way back in September.  They look so little!

Hope y'all are enjoying the new year!
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