The pink room (again)

Just like every other room in our house, the pink room is constantly changing -- never finished.  It's gotten a few new additions recently.  (Well, actually months ago, but I haven't gotten around to sharing them until just now.)
This is an old photo - for some reason I couldn't get the lighting to cooperate today (thus the bluish walls in the photos below).

Weeks ago I was looking through my mom's collection of vintage hankies when I saw these two and knew they would be perfect in here:
She was sweet enough to let me use them, and she just happened to have two white square frames that were almost the perfect size.  They're now hanging between the beds, above the night stand.

I also found this dressing table while searching around in my parents' garage.  I purchased it years ago (in ninth grade, maybe?) for my room.  It had been forgotten and was collecting dust.  I gave it a fresh coat of paint and added the skirt (out of old chiffon curtain panels I had from a previous house).
The chair, mirror, and all the accessories were collected from around my house.  Most were flea market or thrifting finds from years ago.
I love the antique mirror and all its imperfections.  And I love updating a room without spending a dime!
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