An entire week at the beach + Seventy degree weather in late December + Virtually empty, soft white sandy beaches + Family time = Paradise.
We stayed on Cape San Blas and loved it.  The water was warm enough most days to walk in, and there were very few people around.  

We did a lot of walking on the beach and playing in the ocean:
 Kite flying:

Spending time with some of our favorite people: 

 And just hanging out:
Gus decided pretty quickly that the whole sand thing was overrated.  He was not a fan.

 This girl loved it.

Each night after the babies were all put to bed, the adults would play games.  Most nights we played board games.  But on our last night there, we had a full-blown Minute To Win It marathon.  We all felt -- and looked -- completely ridiculous for most of the night, but it was hilarious.

There were competitions to see who could stack Solo cups the fastest, and competitions to see who could transfer the most marshmallows using just a straw:

Competitions to see who could wrap an entire roll of toilet paper around themselves the fastest by spinning: 
Sadly, it wasn't Brooke.  She wanted this one so bad, she did it twice.  And almost passed out.

Competitions to see who could get a cracker from their forehead into their mouth the fastest using only facial muscles:   

Competitions to see who could keep three balloons in the air the longest: 

And this, well, this needs no explanation, right?:
 The name of the game was "Elephant".  The object was to knock over the cups as quickly as possible using only the ball in the foot of the tights that were worn over the head.  Hilarious.  I just about peed my pants.

The whole week was amazing.  Good times, beautiful location, great people - a perfect start to the new year!
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