Christmas Catch Up

We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas at home this year.  We read the Christmas story, opened a few presents, and got went to the Christmas Eve service at church.  Simple and memorable.  Gus and Lula did get their something to want, need, wear, and read.  But they were mostly interested in the wrapping paper:
Not the best Christmas footage ever, but you can't really expect big reactions from one year-olds.  I think that other than the wrapping paper, they were most excited about their new sippy cups :)   
We did manage to capture a few sweet photos of them before we headed off to church:

He looks like such a little man in his suit:
And one decent family shot:
Now we're in the midst of unpacking and recovering from a wonderful, sunny week in Florida (photos to come soon!).  Hope y'all had a great Christmas, too!
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