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I don't know if all the "normal" people out there are just keeping it to themselves, but of 34 comments I've received so far on my last post, all but 2 were positive.  Not at all what I expected.  (But nice!)  While I'm working on my follow-up, I thought it would be a good time to let y'all know what's happening around here lately:

* Sweet Lula is sporting her first ever black eye.
Poor baby has my sense of balance and always seems to fall on her face.  A few days after this happened, she fell again and got a huge gash on her forehead.  I'm a little nervous taking her out in public. 
(And yes, the nursery is normally that messy.  And no, that's not a bump on her head -- it's Gus in the background.) 

* We've got a couple Christmas gatherings this season, and I'm using my go-to treat: 
They're SO yummy and unbelievably easy: Place unwrapped Rolo candies on top of mini pretzels.  Place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 3 minutes.  Remove from oven and immediately press an M&M into the top of the Rolo.  (You can also use pecans on top.) 

Gus and Lula made their first ever trip to Scott's.  We only made it through one of the two buildings and didn't buy a thing, but we still had a blast.  
My mom and I opted to leave the bigger double stroller at home in favor of the smaller single umbrella strollers.  Gus chomped on pretzel sticks the entire time.  He's asking for another in this photo.  I make him say please, which comes out "Puh-puh-puh".  Works for me!
There were so many amazing finds.  I loved this HUGE lantern fixture...
 ....and this tiny, child-scale chaise.  Wouldn't this look amazing reupholstered like our love seat?  

* My sister has two girls.  I love them to pieces, and they both crack me up.
Last week the 3 year-old  (on the left) corrected her mama about something.  Brooke gave her the look, but before she could give her a talking-to, Clara said, "I know, I know......do not correct adults.  I know that Bible verse.  Romans 12:39."  Brooke told her that was right, but that she shouldn't make up Bible verses.  Clara responded, "I know.  Do not make stuff up.  John 12:15:42:22."  Hilarious.

* I found this recipe on pinterest for Chick-Fil-A nuggets and am dying to try it.  Yum.

* It's been 70 degrees and sunny here lately.  In December.  I'm loving it.  We're headed to St. Louis soon, though, to see Keith's family, and I'm pretty sure it's not quite as warm there.  Guess we'll have to dig out the winter coats.

We are so very thankful to be taking a 2 hour flight this time instead of making the 11 hour car trip.  And after sitting in the pediatrician's waiting room for an hour the other day (and making the 30 hour trip home with the babies months ago), I'm fairly confident that we'll be fine on the flight.  But I'm still slightly nervous now that they're walking running everywhere.  Any ideas for keeping them contained?

* I'll leave you with some random phone photos since they're sometimes the best indication of what's happening around here:
Gus and Lula discovered the kids' section at our local library and the outdoor play area that's connected to it.  This may be our new go-to spot when they're fussy and we just need to get out of the house.
 Gus getting ready for church.  His hair is a little crazy here.
 Miss Lula learning how to drive at my parents' house.
They both love reading books.  This was one of the rare moments that they both sat still long enough to read several.

Have a great weekend!
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