Keeping it simple

We're keeping Christmas decorations fairly simple this year.  We're not hosting any out of town guests or throwing any parties, and we'll actually be headed to St. Louis and Florida for our big family celebrations, so we're keeping it pretty simple.
 Our outdoor decorations.  Not too fussy.
Our tree is trimmed out in silver and white, with some doily bunting and an improvised doily star.
See Gus' present over there in the bottom left?  Any guesses what it is? :)
One of my favorite decorations, our German Christmas pyramid.  It was a sweet gift from a family friend and reminds me of my years growing up in Germany.
Some glittery trees.  (And my newly painted and moved dresser-turned-buffet -- a pop of color in our dining room.)

While we're a bit minimalist in our decorations, we are full of Christmas cheer.  We've got tons of activities planned with family and friends, our Christmas Eve service, and a few little Christmas projects I'll be filling y'all in on.  We're so very thankful and blessed to be celebrating Gus and Lula's first* Christmas with them this year!
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*While they were born before Christmas last year, they were in Ethiopia, where they celebrate Ganna instead of Christmas.  So technically this is their first Christmas :)