What's Happening

We've had an insane week or two.  Here's what's happening around here:

*The big news: My little brother and his fiancee got married this week on a lark.  He let us know around midnight Wednesday that the wedding would be Thursday.  As in the next day. 
We managed to pull together a small wedding in less than 8 hours with flowers, cake, photographer, tux, dress (and alterations!).  I absolutely love my new sister-in-law, and truth be told, the day was a lot of fun and a great bonding experience.
I'll share some of the professional photos when they come back!

*I came across this on pinterest and thought it was hilarious.  Only one thing: Keith doesn't even have a category for pink.  He automatically lumps it in with red.  I can't tell you how many times this has been a communication issue for us, since pink is definitely different from red -- at least in my mind.
To be completely honest, though, I've never heard of spindrift.

*Gus and Lula made their first trip to the pumpkin patch.  We were so thankful that they had wagons -- carrying around two 20 pound kids plus the six gray and white pumpkins we picked up wouldn't have been easy.
Gus and Lula weren't quite sure what to think, but they sure looked cute in their little jackets.  

*I had so much fun doing the flowers for my brother's wedding, it's making me miss my florist days.  I'll take just about any excuse to play with flowers, and I'm thinking Thanksgiving might be my next opportunity.  I love this:

*I'm thinking a couple of these would be great for Thanksgiving decor, too.

*The ladies in our small group had a getaway weekend to a cabin in north Georgia.  It was so much fun, and so refreshing.  
I'm in the gray sweater and white scarf next to the only guy who was allowed on our ladies' weekend.
I'm so thankful for this sweet group of friends, and for an amazing husband who held down the fort while I was gone.

*I have become a major neutral nelly lately.  There's something so appealing to me about serene, calming spaces.  I think these rooms are perfection:
I love the tile and paneling and that tub!
OK, so this one has pops of blue, but blue is a neutral in my book.  
The metal cabinets are stunning.  I love the contrast with the rustic farm table.
This set up looks a little like our stairs.  I'd love to add paneling eventually.  Love the black and white.  

Images via pinterest.

So there it is -- just a few things downloaded from my jumbled up mind.  Here's to a more tranquil week this week!
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