The love seat

Remember this piece that we've been working on for the living room?

I thought before I showed you the finished product, it might be fun to show you a little of the process.  You know, the good stuff:
This is how she came to us.  Beat up, broken arm, poorly recovered in a dated, much-too-thin teal sateen.  But she had potential.  Character.  Curves.  
This is what we found when we ripped away the outer upholstery.  Animal hair of some kind, but all I could think the whole time I was touching it as little as possible with heavy-duty gloved hands while trying my best to ignore the putrid smell ripping it out was *barf*.
 There was more of it on the seat itself.  Note the BIG pile of grossness in the background.
 Old springs that had lost their springiness.  Held in place by crumbling jute and deteriorating webbing.
All the old stripped away, newly graywashed frame.  New plywood seat topped with 2.5" foam and 2 layers of featherbed.  Not your conventional upholstery job, but we had the featherbed, and hey, it works.  

Photos of the finished product coming soon.....
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