Making it work

In the past several months, my little art print business has been, well, busy.  I'm not exactly making enough for Keith to quit his job (wouldn't that be nice!), but my prints have been selling steadily, and for a while it seemed that my "office" had taken over the entire kitchen.  This past week, Keith and I spent a little time getting things organized, and while a little tweaking and styling is still needed, things are functional for now, which exactly what we were going for.
 This niche in the kitchen has become my central workstation.  The desk and shelves are past projects of ours.  The skirt on the desk was a much-needed addition (to hide storage and keep babies out of things).  Holly's gorgeous work area served as inspiration for mine.  Now if only I could convince her to come style my space!  :)  
The vintage typewriter was thrifted.  The milk glass and white boxes hide my label printer, stamps, misc. mailing supplies, pens, tape, etc.  The photo of Gus and Lula makes me happy :)
The dresser above (once in our bedroom, now in the kitchen, and possibly soon to be painted again and moved into the dining room) holds my packaging.  The plywood box which slides under the skirted desk holds my art prints.  My sweet husband made it for me one night while I was out grocery shopping.  I love that guy.
So there it is -- the grand tour of the official Gus + Lula art print operations.

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P.S. In case y'all missed it on facebook, my sweet girl had her first stateside ER visit this week.  We went in for a well baby checkup on Monday, and had some blood work done due to a few weird things with Lula's bleeding.  I got a call from our pediatrician Tuesday afternoon recommending we take her to the ER at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.  It seems her blood platelet count was dangerously low.  They re-ran the tests at the ER, and while the count was still low, the doctor seemed confident that the first results must have been an error.  He's also confident that it's nothing serious, but we're meeting with a hematologist on Monday.  Prayers for our little girl's health would be appreciated!
Thankfully, other than a little sleepiness and clingy-ness, Lula's acting like her happy little self.