Living room update

I've been working on a few things to pull our living room together:
Like restyling these shelves.  Adding in some dark and wood tones.  I think it carries some of the tones from the fireplace over to the built-in.  Better?  Worse?

Keith and I have also been working on this craigslist find after the babies go to sleep.  It's come a long way and is just waiting for some finishing trim.  I'll show y'all the "before", process, and "after" soon.  

And lastly, the "project" that didn't pan out:
I looked all over for a chevron rug at a decent price and found this one.  An 8x10 for $140?  Sounds good.  Sadly, you sometimes get what you pay for.  I waited over a month for this to come in the mail (and heard every excuse in the book from customer service) and then was sorely disappointed with the poor quality.  Back to the drawing board.

I'm thinking about painting my own (like all the other bloggers out there), but need to find a big, inexpensive, flat-woven rug.  Any ideas?

We're gearing up for out-of-town guests this weekend and a little party for Lula's birthday -- I'll be back next week with photos!    
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