In Progress

A while back I suddenly realized how monochromatic and just plain washed-out our house had become.  I  suspect that I was slightly preoccupied with diapering, bathing, feeding, and chasing two little ones, and we had slowly slipped into a rut.  So now I'm working my way out.  I showed y'all the plans for the living room (accent color still TBD), but equally as in need of change is our dining room.
This photo was taken about a year ago (judging by the pumpkin on the table) and sadly, the room looked pretty much exactly the same until a week or two ago.  

Here are the in-progress shots: 

What we've done already: 
*Brought the buffet back in.  It wouldn't be my first choice, but we have it, and Keith would prefer I didn't touch the finish.
*I decided I liked the windows bare (other than the shutters) so I removed the curtains all together.  
*Added framed art. (Work in progress.  See below.)
*Stole borrowed the cool teal basket from my mom.  I like the pop of color.  
The extra chairs and the milk glass with stripey straws are all left over from Gus' birthday. 

*Changed out the chandelier.  I found this one on craigslist for $45.  After stripping it of the fake pearl strands and flicker flame bulbs I think it works quite well in the room.  It adds a little vintage personality.

What's still on the to-do list: 
*Add some more color.
*Style the room.
*Possibly paint & recover the chairs??
*The framed art.  I found the botanical prints in an art book I had, and am using them for place-holders for now.  I was thinking about doing silhouettes of the 4 of us -- any other ideas?  
*I was also originally planning to hang the frames, but now I'm waffling.  Opinions?  
So there it is.  Our dining room in progress.  Comments?  Opinions?  Ideas? 
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