I promise this blog is not JUST about my babies, but.....

Gus and Lula are kind of the main thing happening around here lately, so they're what I've been blogging about.  I do have a few projects around the house that I'll be ready to post about soon, but for now the big news is about G & L.
We had a pretty big day today: the 6 month check-up.  Yes, I know that they're closer to a year, but because their medical records from Ethiopia never got passed on to us (or never existed in the first place?) they started over on vaccines and check-ups.  So today was the 6 month one.  The stats (with extras thrown in my me):
 (In case you didn't see it on facebook, Gus started walking a day after Lula!)
Their motor skills, growth, and vocabulary have all been a big shock to us.  We expected developmental delays with their backgrounds (especially with Lula's health history) but have been so blessed to see them meeting milestone after milestone.  God is good! 

Other big news from today: in between bouts of fussiness from the shots, I realized that the traditional Ethiopian outfits we bought for Gus and Lula now fit!  A photo session was most definitely called for:

 Keith and I fell in love with the Ethiopian people and culture during our stay there, and we are so excited to share pieces of their heritage with Gus and Lula.  Seeing my babies in their traditional outfits was a bit surreal -- they look so Ethiopian.  I mean, I know that they are Ethiopian, but normally I just see my babies when I look at them.  It was fun to see them in a new light, and hopefully later on these photos will give them a sense of connection with their roots.

So that's what's happening with the little ones.  More decor, projects, and all things pretty-related posts to come soon!  
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