Y'all are awesome.

Really.  I got SO much helpful, wonderful advice on what to do with my living room.  There are so many talented ladies out there, and I'm so lucky that y'all read my blog and don't mind sharing your great advice.  Two readers even put together polyvore and pinterest boards just for my living room.  {Thanks, Caroline and Mel!}

So, they say that admitting your problem is the first step to recovery, and I feel like I'm finally on my way out of the decorating dumps.  I'm planning to take your advice and start grounding the space with some dark tones.  I love the idea of adding in pops of color, but I haven't quite decided yet  - pink and yellow are the top two contenders.  
My sweet sister just dropped off the payment for two chairs like the one in the board above.  I found them on craigslist, we both liked them, and they happened to have four.  She'll go back and pick up my two tomorrow and hopefully will bring them this way next time she comes for a visit.  They are a light color, but they have much more modern lines, and have that touch of black.  With a pillow or two and maybe a throw, I think they'll be great.  

Then it's just artwork {family photos framed in black}, rug {I'm eyeing this one, but wish it came bigger}, and accents.  Oh, and the big upholstery project we have going.  I haven't mentioned it yet, but I'll have to show you our new-old loveseat soon -- it's down to bare bones right now.
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