What's Happening

*Our most recent Sunday photo:
I love these sweet babies.

*For all you pinners out there, did you know that there's a chrome extension for pinterest?  It lets you see larger images just by hovering over the thumbnail.  Makes wasting time even more efficient!

*For anyone who wanted more info about our cabinet feet, I edited the original post to include a little more installation information and a printable template in case y'all want to make your own.

*This sweet conversation that my niece had with my sister makes me smile.  This girl is funny and so, so sweet. Love it!

*I recently cleaned up my laptop and came across the folder where I used to store things I didn't want to lose {back before there was pinterest}.  I rediscovered these videos -- two of my all-time favorite:
{Keith doesn't think the video above is very funny, but I giggle every time I see it.  The one below is definitely hilarious.}

*I think this bathroom is perfection.  It's different from what I normally like {white subway tile, chrome fixtures, skirted tub....} but it's just so unique.  Love it.  

*Last but not least: Big news.  Apparently my Gus-man has started walking.  I am so excited -- or would be, if I had actually seen it.  Twice now when I've picked him up from the church nursery, I've been told that he's just walking all over the place.  Hasn't taken a single stinkin' step for me yet - what a stinker!
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