Happy birthday Gus!

My little man turns one today.  I just can't believe that it's here already -- he was such a little guy just a few months ago.  While I'll always be sad that I missed out on the first five and a half months of his life, I'm so very thankful to have been his mama for the better part of his first year.
One of my favorite photos from Ethiopia - Gus at about 6 months
Gus, you are one outgoing little guy with a load of personality.  You've brought so much joy to us and have given us so many sweet memories already.  Whatever you do -- whether you're blowing raspberries or giving hugs or even pitching the occasional fit -- you do it wholeheartedly.  We're so looking forward to seeing what God has in store for such a special guy.  We love you with all of our hearts!  Happy birthday Goose!
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