A few things

There are a few new features I've been working on for the site, mostly in answer to suggestions I get from y'all.  So thank you to everyone who's given me ideas for improving the blog - I do listen!

First up, Gus + Lula is now on facebook.  So far the sum of all my posts numbers 3:
But I will be adding new content {photos of the kids, sneak peeks, updates from the shop, etc.}, and will try to link each new blog post to the facebook page for those of you who prefer to check up on us that way.  {Everyone else can still find all of the subscription options down at the bottom of this page.}  The new button to find us on facebook is over to the left.

Second, you can now find my pinterest account!  {Button also to the left.}  I've had several people ask me about this, so I finally linked up.  My boards aren't the most organized, but I do have plenty of pins {because I spend waaay too much time on pinterest, remember?}
a few pins from my "Favorite Places & Spaces" board

Thirdly, the archive tab up at the top of the page is up and running, though IE users may have trouble with the drop-down.  We {ahem, Keith} will try to fix this, but in the meantime you can simply click on "Archives" and be taken to a clickable list of categories.

And lastly, my new project files page is finally finished.  Click on {things i've made} in the menu above to find a new page full of past projects {with more old & new projects to be added soon!}.  Hopefully this, along with the new archives set-up will help y'all to find what you're looking for.
Two of the projects I've gotten so many questions about lately - the frame & art that hides our TV, and our faux-upholstered bed.  

As always, if you ever have a suggestion for making this blog easier to use, please let me know -- I appreciate your feedback!
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