26 year-old granny & keeping it real.

First of all, let me start by showing you a room that I think is lovely.  Mature, but not stale.  A nice mix of old and new.  Love it.

Design by Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors.  Via.  

And now, onto the not-so pretty:
Awhile ago I mentioned that our living room had gone a little too far over to the geriatric side of things.  I'm still not ready to talk about it {hopefully I'll get it back on the right track soon and can tell y'all about it then}.  I will say that one of the things that pushed it over the edge was this upholstery project.
See the granny-ness?  China hanging on the walls, tchotchkes everywhere, waaay too much blue and white.....sadly, even the dining room isn't looking much better to me right now.

The chairs are definitely better than they were to begin with, but why, oh why did I choose that fabric?
There's nothing quite as disappointing as finishing a long and difficult project only to find that you're not completely satisfied with the results.  Or to find that it's made your living room look like it belongs to one of the Golden Girls.  sigh.

I'm playing around with some artwork and accessories to give the room a more updated feel.  Any other suggestions for pulling a room out of a geriatric rut?
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P.S. A huge thank you to Sadie & Stella for featuring our nursery.  Hop on over and check out the details of the transformation!