Tab-top curtains three ways

I mentioned in my last update on our bedroom that I bought a pair of Lenda curtains from Ikea for behind our bed.  I received some confused responses.  Yes, Lenda curtain panels are tab-top.  No, I'm not a huge fan of the tab-top look.  The Lendas, however, are some of the nicest panels I could find that fit within my budget.  So I bought them.  And then I got creative.
I simply folded over the tabs and hand-stitched them to the panel, forming a loop to run the curtain rod through.  So my tab-top panels became hidden-tab panels, which are a little more polished looking {at least in my opinion}.
This took all of fifteen minutes for both panels, and was super easy.

I also have Lendas in our living room.  Here, I opted to get rid of the tabs all together and use curtain rings.  To do this, I simply used some very sharp scissors and cut the tabs off as close as possible to the top of the panels.  {It sounds awful, but I've never had any problems with fraying, and unless you stand on a ladder and look very closely at the tops of the panels, you'd never be able to see where the tabs used to be.}
I also lined these using my cheater method {read all about it and enjoy some of the best Office clips of all time here}.
So there you have it: Lendas as tab-tops, hidden-tabs, and flat panels with curtain rings.  Three ways to hang 'em!
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