We have a queen sized bed.  We also have an extra-deep queen sized mattress.  And a 4" thick queen sized feather bed.  That we top with lots of blankets.  {We like it fluffy.}  Maybe that's why for the last 3 years our queen sized duvet just hasn't quite been doing its job: 
For 3 years we've lived with a not-quite-large-enough duvet that let our mattress peek out.  {The photo above isn't the worst of it - the duvet was shifted slightly to one side so the problem wasn't so apparent.}  Finally last week I convinced Keith that enough was enough and we placed an order for this {in king size, of course}.  I was beyond excited when we tried it out and it actually fit our ridiculously fluffy bed.
Then we just had to track down a duvet cover.  I was looking for something solid white that wasn't a bajillion dollars.  I had given up hope and was browsing Target for 2 flat white sheets to make my own when I found exactly what I was looking for {with 2 pillow shams} for $25!  {The sheets would have cost more than that.}
We also made an Ikea run for a pair of curtains and a rod to soften the mirrored screen.  Progress is nice.  

Still to do:
*patch the holes in the screen
*change out the lamps?
*make new pillow covers -- I'm really liking this fabric:
*swap out the chair in the sitting room {you can see the old one in the first photo}
*find a wardrobe for additional storage space..........
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