I love beautiful spaces, and there are so many perfectly put-together, expertly staged spaces to drool over.  But lately, I've been seeing the value in spaces that are "real".  Spaces that look lived-in and inviting, where the furniture doesn't feel stiff and you don't have to worry about checking your shoes at the door.
Funky, casual space with comfy furniture.  Via pinterest

Sweet room by Holly Mathis for her boys.  Lots of personal touches for a cozy space.  Via House of Fifty.  

Maybe it's the new mom in me, but spaces that are comfortable and genuine - that don't put on a show at the expense of being livable - are just so appealing.  It's refreshing to see lived-in spaces, don't you think?

Amazing kitchen by Urban Grace.  All the practical kitchen things within easy reach.  Via House of Fifty.  
Lived-in bedroom.  Via Pinterest. 
Sweet room with children's artwork by Velvet and Linen.  Via House of Fifty.

Kudos to all the bloggers who keep it real and don't feel the need to have fresh flowers and perfectly fluffed pillows all the time.  {Loving Emily's post here.}  You help keep all of us with imperfectly perfect homes sane!
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P.S.  A big thanks to House of Fifty online mag for featuring so many real, lived-in spaces, and for featuring a little of our adoption story once again {see page 166}.  Stop by to check out all of the wonderful articles, features, and photos in the newest edition.  


MrsSouthernBelle said... Best Blogger Tips

The pleated poppy gave a very realistic lived in home tour of her house. It was great!

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved the article in HOF on your sweet little family. Congratulations!

Kristina said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your blog and really appreciate this post. Stylish lived-in spaces are the best! In the past, I spent a lot of time making sure my house looked perfect before having company over. Nothing out of place. But I've been slowly changing my style so that out-of-place things are less obvious because my whole house looks relaxed and casual. It's so much less stressful...and can be super cute as well!

designchic said... Best Blogger Tips

I completely agree...love a "real" home that looks a little lived in. Thrilled to find and follow your blog!!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Britt, I adored the follow up article on your family in HOF and thank for mentioning it on your blog! Janell

Empty Nest Full Life said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful spaces, and I am not sure I would have shown Brooke that picture. What a cute mess!! Jackie

Molly said... Best Blogger Tips

miss hearing from you on your blog! hope everything is well with you and your family!

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