Field Guide to Twiblings: Feeding

For an introduction to twiblings, see here.

So feeding.  People always ask me how I bottle-feed two babies at once.  Well, I started out by propping their heads up on a pillow and sitting in front of them, holding their bottles - much the same way they were fed in the orphanage.  It worked, but I really missed holding them while feeding.  And I didn't have a ton of control over them twisting and turning and looking all around, splashing worth-its-weight-in-gold formula all over.  So then I came up with this: 
One in my arm and one in my lap.  It works surprisingly well.  I have a lot more control over the squirming, and because I rotate who's where, I get good eye-contact time with both.  

And these: 

These are amazing.  Now that Gus and Lula are a little older and are getting more independent (sniff) these let them hold onto their own bottle a little easier and feed themselves.  {I've also heard that these are wonderful, but I haven't found them to fit our short, wide bottles.  Anyone know where to look for these?}   

For baby food and other solids, they go in the highchairs and learn a valuable lesson in taking turns.  One bite for Gus, one bite for Lula, one bite for Gus....
.....unless they're eating cheerios, and then it's lots of bites for the dog.

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WhitneyDawn said... Best Blogger Tips

One of my good friends sent me a link to your blog. I have two week old twin boys who are on both formula and breast milk so they are bottle fed and I have been trying to figure out a way to feed both of them at once but still get to cuddle and make eye contact with them. This looks perfect! I am going to have to give your feeding technique a try! Good luck with your two little ones! They are precious!


meg + andy said... Best Blogger Tips

This is one of the best pictures ever! You are such a good momma. I totally get how you feel about wanting to hold them. It always made me sad to just prop up my twin's bottles...wish i had thought of this arrangement! :)

Malinda said... Best Blogger Tips

Your little ones are adorable! And I love their highchairs. Would you mind sharing where you found them? I am on the hunt for one...would love to find one just like these. Thanks!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I just found your blog via apartment therapy [i think..] and am in love with your babies' nursery! I might try to do something similar-- wish I had your design eye! [and that spacious room your babies have! What a dream! :) ] I would also love to know where you found their precious high chairs. They are gorgeous! [But not as gorgeous as Gus & Lula!] I've been searching the internet with no such luck on finding them.

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

@ringbeans Thanks so much for stopping by! I have had so many questions about those high chairs, and I've tried finding them online, too, but with no luck. I'm guessing that maybe they recalled them/no longer make them? I found both of ours on craigslist, so you might try there or in consignment stores. Good luck!

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