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We've been working on a few projects in our living room.....not ready to share quite yet, but I will say that while I *think* we can redeem the room, the overall feel of the space is starting to lean a little too far towards "granny".  Not in a good way, either.  I'll post about it someday after I've figured out how to pull the room out of its geriatric rut.

But the point is that I'm counting at least partly on some new artwork to freshen the space up a little, maybe bring a slightly more modern edge to the room {almost anything would be a step in the right direction at this point}.  Thanks to Pinterest and some of my favorite bloggers, I have tons of ideas for alternative art {i.e. not your plain old art print}:
simple and sweet - with a little bit of metallic.  via.  

this piece looks easy enough to create, and I'm liking the modern styling.  via

I love Brynn's new art - made by her from some pretty handmade paper and linen.  via.

I can't wait until Gus and Lula are old enough to create their own works of art so I can display them like this.  How brilliant -- and beautiful -- is this?  {Though you could have this done, I think it would also be pretty easy to do yourself.  Take some good photos of your kids' artwork and print as wallet-size or 4x6 photos, and mount on a white backer board or in a collage frame.}  via.

 Buy a tacky painting from a thrift store and create a new piece with your favorite lyrics using a little paint and some cut-out letters.  via

Oh, how I wish I had thought of this months ago.  So sweet!  via

frame a piece of inexpensive but beautiful marbled paper {like this}.  via

Love this idea, especially for a dressing room or girly bedroom.  Sadly, I don't think that bags from Home Goods and Target would look quite as pretty  :(   via.

Who says you can't hang a solid canvas?  I'm liking the bright pop of color.  via.

Of course, framed maps, vintage scarves, love letters, etc. always work well, too.  via.

Now to decide what to actually do.........
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