What's happening around here:

*New kitchen table & chairs.  {Craigslist find for $50.}  Fresh coat of paint and a yard of fabric later:

*A new art print I've been working on, soon to be now available in the shop

*More progress on the built-in:
  The goal is to end up with something similar to this: 

*Keith and I are leaving the babies overnight for the first time this weekend.  It's our anniversary, and we're going to the far-away, exotic location of.........Atlanta.  My sister, Brooke, is keeping Gus and Lula, and I'm sure a weekend apart will be much harder on me than on them, especially since they'll be busy playing with their cute cousins.    

*And just to give Brooke a glimpse of what she may be dealing with this weekend: 
I found this yesterday when Lula woke up from her nap.  Look closely to see how her poor baby doll fared.  Keeping it real :) 
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