Cheery Gray

One of the really cool things about blogging is "running into" people you've lost touch with in real life.  Last week I got an unexpected message from Toni, a friend from college who had stumbled on my blog, and who is now hoping to become a foster parent.  Knowing that adoption and fostering are close to my heart, and knowing that I have a thing for pretty spaces, Toni asked for some help with a dilemma.
Her guest room, which will become the bedroom of any children she fosters, is painted a medium gray.  Toni is hoping to make the room into a cheery spot for future kiddos without repainting.
So: can a gray room be kid-friendly and welcoming?

A few things I might do to brighten up the gray walls:
There you go, Toni.  Hope this helps to get you started.  Congratulations on your decision to foster and best wishes!!!  
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