I have had several people ask about the blue paint I used on the light fixtures in our kitchen, so I thought I'd address that here.  Fortunately for me, it was an "oops" paint, so I got a gallon of a great color that I might not have otherwise tried for a fraction of the usual cost.  Unfortunately for you, it was an "oops" paint, so I don't know the exact color.  I checked it against a bunch of paint chips I have lying around, and it's very similar to James River Gray by Benjamin Moore (AC-23).
It's Behr's Interior Semi-gloss Enamel, which is great paint {I used the same gallon on our downstairs guest bathroom}.  I didn't do anything fancy at all to paint the fixtures - just used a brush.  I could have sprayed them with my wonderful custom-color sprayer thingamajig, but I was avoiding the Georgia heat by staying inside.
Any questions I missed?
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P.S. We're headed to St. Louis to see Keith's family this weekend, so if anyone has tips for road-tripping with babies, I'd love to hear them!  {It can't be as bad as the 30 hour trip home from Ethiopia, right?}