We have 2 new US citizens.....

......and now have the paperwork to prove it!  Although our kiddos became US citizens when we went through customs in D.C., we didn't have any kind of paperwork to show for it until this week.  Now we have 2 certificates of US citizenship with 2 sweet little photos on them.  I'd show them off, but it says in large letters that it's unlawful to photocopy or photograph the certificates, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Speaking of photographing, we did a mini-photoshoot last weekend with Gus and Lula and their two big cousins.  While it was a huge challenge to get a good photo of 4 kids under 4, we managed to snag a few decent shots.

youngest to oldest
tootsie toes :) 
my sweet {chubbier than ever} babies

I have been working on about four projects around the house this week - hopefully I'll have at least one finished soon to show you!
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