Sally Wheat's kitchen {and mine}

Ever since I saw this photo a few years ago, I knew I'd like the designer behind the look.
It's elegant, yet lived-in, designed, but not stiff.  And there are a few quirky elements to boot.  I basically love everything about it.  So when this image kept popping up everywhere - blogs, pinterest, tumblr - I had to check out the designer's other work.  And thus began my love affair with the fabulous Sally Wheat.  Behold her awesomeness:
The perfect little girls' room: feminine and soft, but not too sweet.  
Love this neutral bedroom.
She's very versatile.  
Love the natural sisal with the pink velvet ottoman and soft chiffon bed skirt.  
I love this kitchen as much as the first.  Brick floors, lantern fixtures, and a farm house sink - perfection.
Classic room with a modern pop.  It would be so easy to change out the accessories to completely change the look of the room.  

But back to the original kitchen that I fell in love with, which happens to be Sally's kitchen in her own home....I would love to have a bit {or all} of this look in my own kitchen.  Obviously since we just painted our cabinets a creamy color, we can't copy the look verbatim.  {Keith might finally lose it if I suggested this}  But there are a few elements in this kitchen that I hope to translate to ours:  
We have the white subway tiles going on already, and I have plenty of whiteware.  I'm thinking about removing a few of my cabinet doors to display it.  {I've always been a big fan of this look - not sure why I haven't done this before.} 
And the light fixtures.  So cool.  While I don't think I'll find anything exactly like those on my budget, I do have some thrifted antique fixtures with the same general feel.  
And the to-the-ceiling cabinetry.  Love this look.  Again, might risk marital bliss if I requested moving or replacing cabinets.  But I do have an idea that might work to fix the staggered height cabinets and give us a more classic look, similar to Ms. Wheat's gorgeous cabinets. 
And the quirky, personal touches that are seen throughout her home.  I love the personality these give the space.  I'm sure I can scrounge up a few things.   

Hopefully I'll be back soon with an update on our kitchen - and hopefully it will look a little more like Sally Wheat's.
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