I just couldn't help myself

Usually I'm good at editing a space, whittling down my decorative accessories so as not to have too much going on in a room.  In fact, usually I feel that I way under-accessorize.  But for some reason, this nursery is different.  Sure, I had decorative bunting, a vintage tole chandelier, and a big 'ole mirror going on already, but I didn't have mobiles.  Isn't there a rule somewhere that a nursery has to have a mobile?  {Or 2 in our case?}

I just couldn't help myself.  
I used these {gifted to us} to begin, then made the little pinwheels out of scrapbook paper following this tutorial.  Only I hand-sewed the points to the middles instead of using a pushpin to attach them to a dowel.  Simple.     
Close-ups of my {not-so-neat} work 

Gus and Lula love staring up at them, so regardless of their overall effect on the room, I'd say they're a success!   {Decorating is a lot easier when you measure everything by an eight month-old's standards.}  
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