A few new photos

Just because.
I wanted to get some photos of them together to show how sweet they are together.  They really like each other and love holding hands or touching their sibling's face.  No such luck.  And absolutely no way was I going to get a photo with both of them looking at the camera at the same time! 
Keith says that Gus is going to grow up thinking his name is "Those Eyes" because anytime we go anywhere we hear "Look at Those Eyes" and then whoever says it has to come ooh and ahh over the babies.  Gus loves this.  He is an extrovert to the core, and definitely a ladies' man.  He knows how to turn it on.  Lula is OK with the attention, but she is definitely more introverted.  She's so bubbly and talkative at home, but around people she doesn't know she's pretty quiet.  
Those eyes (x2)

Gus blows raspberries.  It's how he expresses himself -- when he's tired, or happy, or frustrated, or excited, or upset, or.....
My sweet girl.  She may be the most content baby ever. 
Gus is almost crawling.  I think it's just a matter of a week or two now.  Heaven help me when that boy really gets mobile!    I think Lula probably won't be too far behind.  They learn things from each other fairly quickly - see her watching him?
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