Watch them grow

Have y'all seen some of the really amazing "Watch me grow" photo series that parents have put together?  Like this one?  The premise is to take a photo each week (or day or month) so you have a visual log of your baby's growth.  Keith and I thought that it would be fun to snap a photo of Gus and Lula every Sunday (while they're semi-clean and dressed) and put together our own photo series.  We've been home for five Sundays now (really?!? How did that happen?).  We have 3 photos.  Oh well.  Maybe we'll turn it into a monthly thing.

I should start off with this photo, which was taken our last week in Ethiopia:

Then our first Sunday home was Easter.  We didn't get a kids-on-the-chair photo, but we did get this family photo.

May 1:

May 8 - their baptism.  You can read about it here.  I may use this photo for their adoption announcements.

May 15 (In the same dress and shirt as the original photo taken in Ethiopia):
And no photo for this week.  Can I blame it on the malaria???

I think it's getting harder and harder to take photos of these guys as they get more active.  See the blurred feet above?  :)  I love how easy it is to see how much Lula has chubbed up over the last few weeks!  
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P.S. Just updated the nursery post with a few new photos (with kiddos).