A Tale of Two Chandeliers

Remember back when we thought Gus and Lula were going to be Gus and Sam(?)?  Excited as I was to welcome two little boys into the family, I knew the vintage tole chandelier I had bought for the nursery just wouldn't work for two boys.
I was a little sad at the thought of relocating it (getting rid of it was never an option!), but jumped on the chance to buy replacement fixture.  That's where this guy came in: Still vintage and unique, the pagoda chandelier was more fitted for a little boys' room.
As it happened, though, we did end up with our little Lula, the flowery fixture stayed put in the nursery, and this lovely fixture is finding a new home in our kitchen.  It just got a fresh coat of paint and new wiring, so hopefully I can wrangle Keith into hanging it for me this week.

You can see a mock-up of the kitchen plans here, though you might notice I didn't address the two fixtures over the island and the desk.  I have a little something up my sleeve in the form of matching vintage flea market finds that I just can't wait to share with y'all......
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