By the numbers

3 weeks home from Ethiopia
13 pounds heavier (the babies, not us!)
10 homecooked meals delivered to our door - thanks to our wonderful church family!
462 diaper changes
252 bottles
1 new craigslist purchase:
5 out of town guests
35 nighttime feedings (they're down to one a night now!)
2 doctor visits (and 2 more scheduled)
3 lab bills
2 rounds of antibiotics
3 emergency runs to the store for diapers, formula, etc.
3 not-so-productive weekends
1 still broken laptop
157 unreturned emails - sorry, I'm working on it!!!
1 very special Mothers' Day with 2 baptisms:
{Here is a good explanation about why the PCA baptizes infants in case you're curious}

1 messy, poopy-smelling house
2 parents who wouldn't have it any other way
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{I am going to attempt to jump back into blogging.  I don't have my laptop back, and I've been very much out of touch with all things design, so let me know what you'd like to hear about -- the babies, Ethiopia, what's new around our house, etc. and I'll try to comply!}