Bunk Rooms

Two summers ago, Keith and I went on a weekend getaway with two other couples to a lake house in Alabama.  We slept in bunks, which seemed a little strange at first - six adults, all married and used to sleeping in queen or king-sized beds, sleeping in a big bunk room on single-width old metal bunks.  But you know what?  It was a blast.  It felt like I was ten years old and at summer camp - just much more fun than I'd ever actually had at camp when I was younger.
Ever since that summer, whenever I see a bunk room it makes me think of the great time we had at the lake house.  Here are some that in no way resemble the bunks we slept on, but are beautiful to look at:

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P.S. Thank you to everyone who asked - the fevers are getting better, and I'm hopefully on the up-side of this whole malaria thing!