We've been home almost a week, and are settling back into life.  We're enjoying being back at home, and have been completely overwhelmed with love and support.  And prayers.  Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for us while we were in Ethiopia and on our way home.  We are humbled and so blessed by you.  Thank you.
Our first Sunday at home as a family, Easter 2011
Now that we're back to reality, and I have thousands of dirty diapers piling up, a broken laptop, tons of friends to catch up with, and not nearly enough hours in the day to love on my sweet babies, I am going to take a brief {week or two} hiatus from blogging.  At least until I have a working computer again.  And then I'll be back to business as usual -- with a few photos of my two cuties thrown in of course.  I hope y'all will understand and will stick with me!   


P.S. HUGE thanks to Janell for featuring my blog in her new online magazine, House of Fifty.  Congratulations on the new venture, Janell!  {Check page 121 for my spot!}