If you're reading this post, we have passed court, are finally and officially a family of four, have sweet Gus and Lula in our arms for good, and I am now able to share photos of their sweet faces! 
So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Gus/Guster/Gus-man/Goose {he's just so darn cute that one nickname just doesn't suffice}:
And Lula:
Gus is a bundle of energy.  At six months, he's not mobile yet, but he's working on it!  He loves to move any way he can - kicking his feet, wiggling.....so much that he sometimes falls asleep sitting up, in the middle of playing, having expended every ounce of energy.  He smiles, and it melts my heart. 

Lula.  Sweet Lula is tiny.  She's strong, though, and is getting healthier every day.  While she's delayed physically, she's definitely not lacking socially.  She loves to make eye contact and touch our faces.  She is very happy, and has such a sweet smile.  She snorts when she laughs, which makes me laugh.

Both of our babies are very content and happy, and we are so blessed to have them. 
It has been a long and sometimes trying journey, but well worth every frustration, every piece of paperwork, every tear shed along the way.  We are so in love with our little ones, and so excited to begin life as a family!   
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