Georgia on my mind

As I write this, we are all packed up, waiting for the guest house minibus to take us to the airport.  Our whole adoption journey is a testament to God's grace, and this past week has been no different.  Thanks to some very persistent, very proactive friends who contacted state representatives on our behalf, we passed embassy with flying colors.  I'm not sure they even glanced at our paperwork -- they just waved us on through.  We had the amazing opportunity to worship at a local church this Sunday, and could feel God's presence there.  And little Lula is now up to 11.5 pounds, up from 8.5 a month ago.  She is starting to look and act like a healthy little girl.  Everywhere we look we can see God's hand. 
Which is why we can move forward confidently.  The road ahead is looking rough -- a 30 hour trip with 2 infants, and none of us is feeling especially good right now.  But we know God is in control and will go ahead of us, and we know that His strength is made perfect in our weakness, and man are we feeling weak :)
It has been an exciting, life-changing journey, one that we wouldn't hesitate to repeat, but  praise God, we're finally going home!
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