Counting our blessings in Ethiopia

We have met many amazing, wonderful people here in Ethiopia.  There's Johnny, our driver, who is a volunteer marriage counselor at his church.  Shortly after we arrived and I broke down in the hallway at the hospital where our (then) very sick little girl was taken, he sat with me and comforted me.  I have never appreciated having a friend as much as at that moment. 

There's Dr. Nasser, who is doing everything possible to advocate for Lula and push our case forward so she can get to the US for better medical care.  When we offered to pay him for his services, he declined, but let us know about a flashlight he uses for late-night patient visits and lab tests, and how he is unable to find replacement bulbs for it.  As soon as we get home, we'll be on a mission to find bulbs for this kind man.

And then there's Mama Helen and Mordecai.  They work at the orphanage where our children were.  Mordecai went to both of our children's places of birth and brought them to Addis - not an easy trip when you consider the rough terrain, horrible roads, and the fact that there are no car seats.  Mama Helen fought for our daughter when she had pneumonia and the orphanage manager hesitated to find medical care for her.  I'm convinced that these two amazing people saved our children's lives.

This week, the judge presiding over our adoption case decided she needed additional paperwork that she has never before required.  We were unsure if we would be able to get it at all, much less quickly.  But Mordecai once again made the trek out to our children's birthplaces and somehow, by the grace of God, was able to get everything we needed.  He brought it all back to Addis late last night and we were able to submit it to the court this afternoon.  The judge will see it Monday, and will hopefully issue the decree that will officially make us a family.  We are so thankful for all the wonderful people here, many of whom are brothers and sisters in Christ, who are helping us through this {sometimes extremely trying} process that is international adoption.

I hope to have good news to share on Monday -- and photos of our beautiful babies!  Please keep us in your prayers! 
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