A little privacy, please

Since we first moved into our house, we have been completely befuddled by this window over our bed.  While the light it provides is nice, not flashing our neighbors is slightly nicer.  At least in my mind.
After over two years of living with no privacy in our bedroom other than that provided by the woods around our house, we now have this:
I found this massive antique screen on craigslist for ridiculously cheap, and after making my poor husband relocate it several times, it has finally found its purpose: covering up that awkward window in our bedroom.
When I found the screen it was clear glass, but thanks to a couple of cans of this, it now has a nice mirrored look -- and offers a little privacy!        
It still needs to be sanded, painted, and those holes filled, but for one extremely busy, crazy mama-to-be, it's good enough for now.  {4 days, 21 hours until we leave for Ethiopia!}

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{Please excuse the dark, unstyled photos.  It was late.  I was tired.  Sorry!}