Greetings from Addis Ababa

Sorry to leave y’all hanging (because I know my blog is that captivating).  We did make it safely to Ethiopia, and we did meet our sweet babies shortly after arriving.  They are amazing.  Gus is smiley and happy, he has awesome curly hair and blue-gray eyes(!).  He goes from smiling and playing to sleeping in a split second – while sitting up.  It’s hilarious.  We love him to pieces.
Lula.  Sweet Lula is gorgeous.  She has very delicate features and is definitely girl.  She is calm and sweet.  Where Gus is short and pudgy, she is very long and lean.  Unfortunately, much too lean.  It seems that before we arrived, she had been battling pneumonia and had lost a significant amount of weight.  She is heart-breakingly thin, and is still fighting off a cough and stomach bug, though a chest x-ray today showed that the pneumonia has cleared.  Please send prayers our way. 
We did not pass court yesterday due to a hold-up with approval from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs that is affecting all adoptive families.  We are hoping to receive approval in the next few days so that we can finally take custody of our kiddos (and share photos with you!).  We would feel much better about sweet Lula once we’re able to care for her ourselves. 
Then there’s the wait for our embassy date, when we’ll get approval to bring Gus and Lula home.  Our sweet friends at home are fighting for us to expedite this (thank you, thank you, Cosbys and Peelers!  You’re such a blessing to us!), as there is much better healthcare available in the states.
Otherwise, we’re hanging in there.  The Ethiopian people are amazing.  So kind and warm.  We are being cared for in so many ways, and God has cleared many obstacles from our path.  We are so thankful for the peace we have in Him in all of our concern for Lula. He is good.      

P.S. My updates might be very sporadic, as the internet here stinks.  We walked 20 minutes to get to a wireless hot spot late last night and it was so slow I was only able to load 2 pages in 2 hours.  Stinks.  
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