For those of you who are tired of hearing our adoption news, I apologize.  Feel free to skip right past this post.  For those of you who are interested........{drumroll}........WE HAVE A COURT DATE!!!!
I just recently discovered elgarbo Art on etsy, and this photo perfectly captures my mood -- overjoyed!  Stop by to see some more amazing prints from elgarbo.  

We just found out Monday that we will be traveling to Ethiopia for a March 17 court date!  This is a huge step in the process, as our babies will legally and officially become ours on this day!  We will get to spend some time with them and love on them and get to know them - I just cannot wait!  {We will also finally be able to share their photos will all of you - a little St. Patty's Day gift from me to you!}  Praise God!

For everyone who's wondering what comes after this: we will unfortunately have to leave sweet Gus and Lula in Ethiopia - I'm counting on this being one of the most difficult things I will ever have to do - and wait for our Embassy Date, when they will be allowed to come home.  Hopefully this will be around 6-8 weeks after our court date, so they could potentially be home by late April or May!

I have been floating since we found out, but just last night it all started to sink in, and I am now running around frantically trying to get everything done that needs to be done for our trip and for our little ones to come home.  Excuse any craziness on my part from now until our kiddos turn 18.


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P.S. I normally try not to mention anywhere online when we are planning to be out of town, but we will have someone keeping an eye on our house, and the news was just too good not to share!