This year we did something a little different for Valentine's Day....

......we celebrated it for the first time in our nearly eight years together.  After working at a florist for several years, it just wasn't my favorite holiday.  I still have a strong aversion to red roses and baby's breath.  And Keith didn't seem to mind skipping over this particular holiday.
But this year it fell on a Monday, which also happens to be the night our small group gets together.  So we made an event of it.  It was lots of fun: good food, good laughs (we played a mini-newlywed game and it had us rolling), good times.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with good friends, and these guys are the best!

I decorated with scrapbook paper and milk glass from around my house.  {Sorry for the phone photos!} 

And made these:
If you've never had cream-cheese filled chocolate cupcakes, get to baking!  They are so yummy!
And did you know that you can make heart-shaped cupcakes just by sticking a ball of tin foil between the cupcake liner and the pan?  Brilliant!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
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