Sunday Morning

Keith has recently started journaling, attempting to capture the events and emotions of the days leading up to our first meeting with our babies in Ethiopia.  His first entry begins:

"For Gus and Lula.  As I begin writing this we have not yet met, but I love you dearly.  I pray that when you are grown this will help you gain an understanding of the journey that God has used to bring us together as a family."

It is a love letter, written by a tender father to his far away, orphaned children.  They don't even know that he exists, much less that he loves them as his own, or that he has gone through so much so that they can be his children.  And yet he loves them dearly.  He has plans to give them a home and to meet their every need, to give them a life far better than anything they can imagine.  He wants them to understand how precious they are to him; all he has gone through so that they can be a part of our family, lay claim to all that we have, and to be loved as our children.
I pray that one day Gus and Lula will understand all of this, and will love and trust us as their parents.  But more than that, I pray that they will understand that they have a Father in heaven who loves them even more dearly, even though they are far from Him.  I pray that He will will speak to them through His love letter to them, that He will draw them near, and that He will call them to be part of His family.  I pray that they will understand the great price Christ has paid so that they can be called His, and that they will love and trust in Him, because He is good.  

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