Sunday {adoption-related}

My women's Bible study is working through Exodus right now.  Good stuff.  I've read it before and grew up hearing the stories over and over, but it's amazing how many wonderful things are hidden in this book, and how relevant much of it is to my life right now.  

This week Keith and I wrestled hard with the thought of leaving our babies behind in Ethiopia between our court date and our embassy date (6-10 weeks).  Big decision.  Lots of obstacles.  Lots of emotions involved.  

And then, God put this verse in front of me: The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.  ~Exodus 14:14.  This was spoken by Moses after the people had seen all that God did to deliver them from Egypt - all the miraculous plagues He performed, how He spared His people, and how they were provided for far beyond their needs.  And then they get to the Red Sea and start to freak out.  And Moses basically tells them "Shut up and be still.  God has done miraculous things for you.  Just sit back and let him take care of this."  

This is very much the spot I found myself in this week.  God has been fighting our battles for us throughout our entire adoption process.  He has moved seemingly immovable barriers.  He has provided far beyond our expectations and needs.  And I just need to be quiet now and let him fight for us.  Yes, there may be additional costs involved, and it may be a little out of my comfort zone to begin my career as a parent in a third world country, and it's very frightening to Keith that he may not be able to stay with us in Ethiopia the whole time, but we are confident.  Confident that God will provide all we need, that he will move mountains to accomplish his plans, that he loves us and our babies and will do what is best for us.  

So we are moving forward, trusting in His grace, and giving thanks for all that He has done for us and all that He will do.  And we're overjoyed and excited to start loving on our little ones full-time much, much earlier than anticipated.  God is good!  This Sunday was definitely one of genuine thanksgiving for us, and I hope for you, too.  

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